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AlMaktoum Investments Business Framework

Our Business Framework is a visionary roadmap that sets us apart as a leader in investment strategies. It’s a values-based, structured approach that guides our investment decisions and maximizes our returns while minimizing risk. It includes:-


We don’t just invest in projects, we make great partnerships. Based on trust, integrity, and mutual benefit, we invest in:-


  • Commercial Projects
  • Joint Ventures
  • Public-Private Partnerships


We believe in empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to turn their visions into reality. Our financing options include:-


  • Private Equity
  • Project Financing
  • Infrastructure Investments

Launch Success

Our acquisition strategy is all about creating value. Our acquisitions are strategic, thoughtful, and always focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders. We invest in:-


  • Stakes
  • Assets
  • Services

Growth & Sales

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our merger strategy is focused on creating synergies, unlocking new growth opportunities, and building a stronger future. To create powerful new entities that can compete and succeed in a rapidly changing world, we bring together companies through:-


  • Mergers
  • Conglomerations
  • Alliances

Our Investment Activities

Our official activities at AlMaktoum Investments represent a diverse portfolio of ventures that are strategically selected to create a positive impact on society while driving economic growth and creating long-term value. Our activities include:-

Investment in Commercial Enterprises and Management

Investment in Industrial Enterprises and Management

Investment in Oil and Natural Gas Projects

Investment in Sports Enterprises and Development

Investment in Water Enterprises and Development

Investment in Healthcare Enterprises and Development

Investment in Educational Enterprises and Management

Investment in Tourist Enterprises and Management

Investment in Retail Trade Enterprises and Management


At AlMaktoum Investments, our passion for innovation and trust in our partnerships creates a secure and invigorating environment. Together with our investors, we strive to identify unique and dynamic opportunities that yield profitable returns. Our unwavering commitment to capital protection, exuberant ROI, and reliable returns creates a consistent investment climate that inspires confidence. We meticulously structure investment mandates that exceed expectations, ensuring rapid and reliable syndication. At AlMaktoum Investments, we don’t just build partnerships; we create legacies that stand the test of time.

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